Make Your Utility Sink Pleasantly

A utility sink is known as a no-nonsense fixture that is built solely to wash everything from tools to plates and sometimes even pets. However, its basic and bland architecture, coupled with exposed rusty pipes and moldy sides could turn these sinks into eyesores. To remedy this, one can either buff their utility sinks to give them a shine or embellish it with a skirt to hide their less pleasing parts.

Cleaning and polishing these sinks are easier said than done. Though there are many chemical cleaners out in the market, most of these products either give off an unpleasant smell or are dangerous when it comes in contact with human skin or accidentally ingested. However, there are alternatives that homeowners can use to clean their sinks which can be found right at the kitchen counter. Vinegar, in particular, contains certain acids which makes it a suitable and safe cleaning agent. Just soak an old rag in vinegar, and leave the rag on the sink overnight. Apart from the vinegar solution, you can also mix baking soda and water until it forms a paste. The paste can then be rubbed on utility sink faucets, sides, and drains to remove dirt and hard water deposits.

To hide ugly-looking pipes and items stored under the utility sink, you may also purchase pre-made sink skirts from the market. People who are on a tight budget can also make skirts on their own using a sewing machine, Velcro, hot glue gun, and washable fabric. Make sure that the sink is completely dry when gluing it to the sink otherwise it won’t hold. You can opt to use the fabric as is, or run it through the sewing machine to give it a cleaner look. The use of velcro is recommended so the sink skirt can be replaced easily when the fabric becomes dirty.