Cotton and Sheer Voile Curtains: Simple Guide On Utilizing It

Cotton voile curtains are generally sheer or see-through. While the textile is usually known as cotton voile, it is made up of a blend of cotton and polyester. It drapes beautifully, and when used in conjunction with solid drapes or curtains, it adds to the rich layering of traditional window treatments.

There are several types of cotton voile curtains to choose from, and while the most popular are sheer, they can also be found in semi-sheer or cotton voile with more solid fibers. John Lewis has created a number of curtain and drapery styles to tempt the decorator looking for the lushness of cotton voile.

Decorators can expect to find cotton voile curtains with a dropped panel or a slot head. The slot head design is made with a pocket at the top allowing it to slide onto the rod. The drop panel curtain has holes built into the top of the curtain, designed to slip the rod through. This design works well on any window in the home, but is especially useful on full glass doors and sidelights. It filters the light in the room and adds privacy when people come knocking. The best and most elegant choice for this purpose are those with lace and embroidery built into the fabric.

Layering window treatments couldn’t be easier. Decorators add the rich heavier textiles as the outer drape to the cotton voile curtains as the inner drape. This layering not only adds drama to the room, but on very large windows in the living room, layering can insulate against the extremes of the weather. The cotton voile curtains also help keep the outer drapes from fading in ultraviolet light.

Prices vary greatly with cotton and sheer voile curtains, but decorators should consider quality first, keeping in mind, the classic, simple, and traditional designs have staying power. Well-considered design choices in cotton voile curtains will serve the homeowner for many years.